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Assessment Success: What Parents Can Do to Help

1.†††††††† Be aware of the assessment schedule. Look in school and classroom newsletters, notes sent home, building marquees, etc. for dates and mark your calendar. Ask if you haven't heard. Reschedule dentist or non-critical doctor appointments if they are scheduled during assessments.

2.†††††††† If you don't know what the tests are for and how they are used, ask your child's teachers or school administrators. (The results of some assessments may actually determine classroom placement for your child for the following year.)

3.†††††††† Make sure your child has enough sleep. Children who are tired are less able to pay attention in class or to handle the demands of a test.

4.†††††††† Keep the rules and routines of the house as normal as possible. Upsetting the normal routine of the home may confuse and distract your child. This may affect how your child performs the next day.

5.†††††††† Tell your child that tests can be hard, but that taking them provides a chance to show how well he or she can do.

6.†††††††† There is no way to 'cram' for standardized assessments. Plan ahead to have a relaxing evening and help your child be calm and confident in their ability to do their best.† Help your child understand that no child is expected to get every question 'right'.

7.†††††††† Have your student get up early enough to avoid hurrying and still be on time.

8.†††††††† Have your child eat breakfast either at home or at school.

9.†††††††† Have your child dress in something comfortable and in layers. New clothes or shoes can be distracting and layers can be used if the room feels too hot or cold

10.†††††† Don't appear unconcerned about the testing. While your child does not need to be afraid of tests, he or she needs to understand the importance of doing his or her best.

11.†††††† Be positive when you send your child to school. Give a reminder that the test gives a chance to show what he or she knows. Tests also help teachers plan what to teach next.†
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